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Juno MacGuff is a high-school student who has to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Brave, determined and mature for her age she decides to go through with the pregnancy and have her baby adopted. She is in love with her child's father but their relationship is awkward and fraught with misunderstanding. Both Juno and Paulie are quirky, endearing characters.


[...] Moreover, the scene where he smeld Juno’s underwear reveals that the young boy is head over heels for her. Bleeker is certainly more mature than the other teenagers, he supports Juno in her time of trouble. He even paid her a visit at the hospital : the love scene after her childbirth is so touching Finally, the most moving love affairs are the ones which begin with friendship. We understand why Juno prefered the sheepish Paulie Bleeker to the well-built baseballplayer because one is sincere, the other is self interested. [...]

[...] Furthermore, he is very patient with Juno. For instance, when she criticized him for going out with another girl to he did not shout at her, waiting for the right time to make her realise that broke [his] heart”. Here is the point : he loves her. In brief Bleeker is gallant, charming, romantic and especially loving. Actually, when Juno seemed detached and kept her distances from him, as if she wanted to protect herself, from love ! He was still waiting for her. [...]


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