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In 2005, the United Nations celebrated its 60 years. It was supposed to be the opportunity to take stock of its actions and to lay the foundations of a reform. In recent years, there have been many calls for reform of the United Nations. However, there is not a real political consensus about what reform might mean and how the UN should be fix in practice. Both those who want the UN to play a greater role in world affairs and those who want its role confined to humanitarian work or otherwise reduced use the term "UN reform" to refer to their ideas. The range of opinion extends from as far as those who want to eliminate the UN entirely, to those that want to make it into a full-fledged world government.


[...] He was marginalized by the Bush administration, determined to prevent he the secretary-general from hampering the war against terror. In 2003, the USA invaded Iraq without UN authorization. Kofi Annan hoped to succed the reform of UN before his withdrawal, but he failed. Kofi Annan had the ambitious project of a huge and global reform of the United Nations. The process was carefully prepared by a group of high skilled personalities. In December 2004 the group handed in his report. The document was wise and clever. It was made of concrete propositions and was concerned with realism. [...]

[...] The world has become more and more complicated since 1945. The end of the cold war and of the bipolar world, the development of humanitarian crisis, the increasing number of regional conflicts and the role played by the media are some example of this increasing complexity. An undemocratic system An article from the Sunday Times, published in 2006 and entitled To save the world, first save the UN presents some reasons of the UN slump. One explanation among others is the contempt of the USA for the international organisation. [...]

[...] The western countries did not obtain the creation of a mechanism which could guarantee that no repressive State would be part of the Council. As a result China, Russia or some others doubtful states can be elected. Today there is a broad consensus on the fact that the UN should be fixed (or scraped). The UN has to evolve and adapt to a changing world. Kofi Annan tried to launch a project of reform. Reforming the UN : the art of the impossible ? The failure of Kofi Anan. The Ghanaian, Kofi Annan, held the post of secretary-general for ten years. [...]

[...] The 53-members Commission on Human Rights has been thoroughly discredited. ( ) In itspresent for mit serves only to make a mockery of the cause This Commission can be considered as an important UN authority. It embodies the will of the UN to promote Human Rights. But the election of the Libyan ambassador to the presidency of the Commission underlined the ambiguity of the authotity. Indeed, the Commision was composed of members who are themselves seria abusers of human rights. [...]

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