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Apple has met with many difficulties over the years years because of its main competitor Microsoft. Today however, the company is back on top, getting more and more market shares, and its products are used by more and more consumers. It is interesting to see how the company succeeded in launching a marketing campaign in order to increase the sales of its new products like the MacBook.


[...] But in general new technology buyers are quite high. The products are in general standardized. Recapitulative Chart: Here we put a mark out of 5 for each force to summarize represent a positive situation for the Apple company within the competition) 3. The Industry The company Mission First of all, Apple Computer is committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of its employees, customers and the global communities where it operates. It recognizes that by integrating sound environmental, health and safety management practices into all aspects of business, the firm can offer technically innovative products and services while conserving and enhancing ressources for future generations. [...]

[...] The 3G generation and the Web 2.0 are examples of these services in huge rise. However, this passion for the IT causes a hard competition. And other difficulties can be added, like the fragmentation of the market, the cost of the investments in research and development, and also the insufficient mobility of the experts on this field. This graphic shows us what happens on IT markets: The innovators have a big competitive advantage, but they lose it very quickly, that’s why they have to innovate and innovate: If they don’t, they will lose market shares (and leadership). [...]

[...] Pawels - Lectures: Course of Economics by Mr. [...]

[...] The difference in the price is explained too by high tech components, software etc But, some customers are willing and able to pay that price, because they think that Apple Products have best qualities. Place strategy You can buy Macbook specialized in stores. Apple Stores are the best known. There are not so much Apple stores all over the world (New-York, London etc ) but Apple products and in particular Macbook are sold on Apple website which it called: Apple Store too. [...]

[...] That is why Apple should improve this aspect for the Macbook strategy. Finally Apple has to improve the aspects which are considered as weeknesses in the SWOT analyse: the company should ameliorate his brand image, being more accessible for the clients (in relation to prices and relationship for example). Apple has to improve the quality of his products which can be considered as deficiended (screen, batteries ) and which often carry viruses. CONCLUSION: Differentiating its products from those of Microsoft, Apple knew developing a concept much more fashion and attractive for its computers like the MacBook. [...]

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