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Study dealing with the influence of the virtual life on the real life, and especially in social and economic background. This analysis is illustrated with many examples. What are the advantages and disadvantages, and even the dangers, of a virtual world?


[...] However, we have to be careful of the risks. The Starwars Kid In May 2008, a video clip of Ghyslain Raza imitating Darth Vader from the Starwars series leaked online. Friends of the young man posted it as a prank. Unfortunately, the video spreaded very quickly, and within two weeks, thousands of people had seen the video. Starwars websites were hosting it as a joke, adding lightsaber visual effects and Starwars music. Raza sued his former friends for harrassment but suffered depression and great embarassement. [...]

[...] It quickly reached over 13 millions views, and the young man received wide media coverage, including interviews from ABC, NBC and the New York Time. If the young internet celebrity was at first embarassed by this attention, he now states that he is very happy with the oppertunities that it gave him, such as trips to Vegas or California. Gary also reapeared in 2006 with a professionally produced Numa video. Other examples Singers can launch their carreers thanks to an internet buzz. For example, in France in 2006, Kamini became famous thanks to a video-clip posted online. [...]

[...] "They called in last September to report that they found their daughter dead after coming back home in the morning," a Seoul police detective told ABC. "They had spent 12 hours, all night, at a PC bang." It's not the first Korean death linked to gaming addiction, either: in 2005 a man collapsed and died after playing 50 straight hours Starcraft at a PC bang. Roughly one-half of Korea's population play online games, and almost all of them have access to high-speed internet connections. [...]

[...] For example a region is $200. These prices may not seem very important, but if they add up, they can reach high levels. A few graphics A few graphics A few graphics Extreme cases Sometimes, real life and reality can come very close to each other, and separtating them is not always easy for avid gamers, who can spend nights playing on a computer screen. This obsession can lead, in rare cases, to extreme actions. Extreme cases On TV More and more movies deal with the issus of the importance of virtual life nowadays. [...]

[...] If most accounts - or characters - go for $50 to $200, the highest sell was a World of Warcraft account, for no less than $ Virtual businesses From $60 addons for games to facebook virtual gifts, you can pretty much buy anything. Armors and weapons for gaming characters or clothing and hairstyles for Virtual Life avatars, there are many possibilities at all prices. Usually, you have to by a certain amount of credit (or virtual money) with real dollars. You then spend these credits in the game. It’s therefore very easy to design clothes or weapons to sell, or at least much more easier than in real life. [...]

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