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English economic essay: what kind of integration is currently taking place between the EU and its « eastern neighbours » (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldavia)? Are these present arrangements an adequate substitute for EU accession?


[...] The EU's TACIS program (Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States-CIS) was established in December 1991. It was a Financial Instrument for technical assistance, it aims at encouraging "the establishment of conditions for market economy and strengthen democracy" in Eastern countries. partnership and cooperation agreement” has been established, in 1997 between Russia and EU. This partnership defines primarily an institutional and policy. Indeed, it underlines the will of common values based on democracy and respect for human rights is enshrined in the preamble. [...]

[...] In order to answer to this question, we will see that EU has developed two kinds of agreements, one for Russia and another for the other Eastern neighbours: Ukraine, Belarus and Moldavia. Finally we will also wonder if these present arrangements are an adequate substitute for EU accession. THE RUSSIAN INTEGRATION Since the establishment of official relations between the European Community and the ex USSR, the Russian-European dialogue has been improved as a result of changes in both partners. Russia and the European Union describe their partnership as strategic. [...]

[...] The ENP is a strategy of economic integration and political cooperation, without prospect of accession. In order to avoid a new division between the EU and its neighbours, Brussels proposed them to adopt a common approach to overcome four major challenges : - The democratic challenge: The progress in relation to each neighbour will depend on its commitment to the values common in areas where independent media, fair elections and respect for parties opposition have become difficult. - The economic challenge: to eliminate disparities in living standards that could grow in the East among new EU members and their neighbours. [...]

[...] But she receives financial assistance confined to support democratization. The Ukraine and Moldova are the key elements of the neighbourhood policy. It is clear that the EU attaches to these countries of comparable importance to that of Russia, and it does not recognize their status rather than a potential candidate for membership. Are present arrangements an adequate substitute for EU accession? Following the EU's eastwards enlargements, a new strategic area including the Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus has emerged between the EU and Russia. [...]

[...] The ENP is based on the observation that the ability of the European Union to integrate new members is limited. The European Union has developed a policy as regard neighbours countries which are not intended to join EU at medium term: Less than membership but more than a partnership. While recognizing the identity Eastern European neighbours, they argue that this identity does not lead ineluctably to integrate institutions of the European Union. According to the Commission, "The ENP will bring the Ukraine and Moldova to the EU, encouraging reform and offering economic integration and greater political cooperation. [...]

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