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This essay looks at the advantages of a HRIS (Human Resource Information System). The objectives of this analysis are: to understand exactly what an HRIS involves, to evaluate what can be done with the help of an HRIS, to make a comparison of a firm's organization with and without this tool and to evaluate the impact and results of the system.


[...] (1999) Strategic Human Resourcing Principles, Perspectives and Practices. London: Financial Times Pitman Publishing. [...]

[...] Ivancevich,J.(2003) Human Resouce Management.9th Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill. Bee,F et al.(2005) Managing information and statistics. [...]

[...] Prepare a workshop on how you would «sell the idea» of its advantages and how it would benefit managers and support staff. DEFINITION In the past, HRM was seen as primarily an administrative function ( keeping the personnel files Since the 1990’s new technologies make HRIS possible HRIS = database giving all the information about the employees Enables devotion to administrative activities and focuses on the future WHAT IT CONTAINS All information about employees Actually, there are 3 levels of information: - Strategic level (ethnic, disability, skills ) - Functional level (employee absence, accidents, training ) - Operational level (skills and competences needed for a staff project) CHARACTERISTICS Provide all information about employees ( Automate time consuming administrative processes( Saves time recruitment, learning) Facilitate decision making quickly HRIS links - Multiple HR needs - Department (production, finance ) Ex: salary: HR and finance - Managers and staff HRIS used in: - Intranet = using web type methods but operating purely within one organization - Extranet = encompassing 2 or more organizations - Internet Enables access to data everywhere Enables self-service for employees and managers using intranet/internet technologies E.g. [...]

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