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Nowadays, Operations Management takes a wide place in the whole world. Concerning the Operations managers, they are creating and producing products every day in order to allows the well-being of the society. They have several challenges in their day-to-day existence. At least, five fundamentals areas are covered by Operations Management: Human Resources, supply chain, manufacturing and production, environmental factors and distribution networks. The Operations Management enlarges upon many operations, like design of goods and services, quality, statistical process control


[...] Total Quality Management (TQM) When we talk about Total Quality Management we refer to a quality focus that encompasses the company. The firm is expected to drive toward excellence in all aspects of products and services that are significant to the customer. Seven concepts are developed for an effective TQM program: Continuous improvement: we consider that every aspect of an operation can be improved. Thus, there must be a continuous improvement which covers notably equipment, people and suppliers. Six Sigma: it is a program set up to cut flaws in order to help lower costs, save time and permit an improvement in customer satisfaction. [...]

[...] Before, it was based on conformance to standards. Nowadays, the definition of quality has changed: quality points on reaching "value entitlement." This last word has a particular meaning, for the customer and for the provider. Indeed, the customer wants a product or service of a high-quality at the lowest possible cost. For the company, the term has not the same importance. It means that the firm expects to effectuate products of quality at the highest possible profits. We can talk about “user based” and “manufacturing based”. [...]

[...] What is Operations Management? Defining Operations Management According to Jay Heizer and Barry Render, Operations Management is the set of activities that creates value in the form of goods and services by transforming inputs into outputs[1]. In manufacturing firms, the goods are often tangible products. In contrast, if it is not a tangible good which is produced, we often call these activities services, in services companies. All these activities are often referred to as Operations Management. Indeed, with a service, there are also inputs and outputs. [...]

[...] The Different Operations Operations Management aggregates several Operations. Each of them is really important and present in a company. Design of Goods and Services: here, we can speak for example of the product strategy, which has to relate product decisions with investments, market share and product life cycle. Managing Quality: it enables to establish successful strategies of differentiation, low cost and response. Indeed, improvements in quality are very useful to the companies, which can thus boost sales and lower costs, in order to increase profitability. [...]

[...] They are also able to take additional training in hotel operations, because the Ritz-Carlton believes that it is essential for the organization to have more informed employees. Furthermore concerning the Total Quality Management, the Ritz-Carlton Company focuses on the continuous improvement that covers as well employees and procedures. Indeed, it has now quantifiable targets in place. As we said, the goal is to satisfy customer: if it does not manage to do that, the company adventures losing customers and reliability. [...]

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