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Internship report on the CBC bank about design and realization of a platform for the management of cash flow of the treasury. The application program interface is realized thanks to the platform Visual C#.net.


[...] II ANALYSIS AND DESIGN ANALYSIS AND DESIGN 2.1 STATE OF THE ART TRESOR STUDY OF THE ACTIVITIES OF THE TREASURY Management of Agencies and Accounts Editing of balances and Situatio of the Treasury Comparing Accounts Forecast of the Treasury TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF NEEDS AND EXIGENCIES Introduction Identification of the product and domain of use Entities to be managed Input and Output of the system General Description of the Functionalities of the System Operational and Realisational Exigencies Architechture of the System DESCRIPTION OF THE FUNCTIONALITIES Actors of the System Use Cases of the Actors Conclusion TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF REALIZATION Introduction Static vue of the problem . iii CONTENTS iv Dynamic view of the problem Conclusion III REALIZATION AND RESULTS REALIZATION 3.1 PRESENTATION OF DATASOURCES Delta Bank SWIFT Development Environment Results . IV CONCLUSION . of currency rates CONCLUSION 4.1 KNOWLEDGE ACQUIRED PERSPECTIVES Integration of SWIFT messages Automatic exportation to excel files 4.3 CONCLUSION . [...]

[...] The managment of information transmission is through the use of network equipment like routers, switches, hubs, servers (on which the software applications listed above are installed), among others DESCRIPTION OF THE INTERNSHIP Presentation of the problem posed The treasury department of the bank is incharge of the management of the bank’s cash. It records the daily transactions of the various agences and equally manages the entries and exits of the CHAPTER 1. GENERAL INTRODUCTION 9 various cashboxes of each agency. It is therefore the treasury that can at any time give the exact financial situation (state) of a cashbox, agency or the bank as a whole. This is a task that entails a high degree of eficiency, and rapidity. [...]

[...] ii AKNOWLEDGEMENTS I express my sincere thanks to: ; The Almighty God for His grace upon me during my internship; ; The General Manager of CBC for having given me the opportunity to carry out my internship in his company; ; The entire team of SDSI of CBC Headquarter for the warm welcome and the conduisive environment they offered to me; ; The Director of SDSI Mr. Christin BITAYA for his administrative support; ; My supervisor Mr. Romuald MBOGNE for having supervised my work and done necessary corrections; ; Mr. Yves NOGUE (Administrator of KIMORCE), Mr. Hugues KAMGIUA (Administrator of DOCUBASE), Mr. André ESSIAN (Administrator of SWIFT) all of SDSI-CBC Headquarter for their support in the course of my internship; ; The HOD Pr. [...]

[...] List of Figures Organisational Chart of CBC . Software Catography of SDSI . Welcome Page of TRESOR Registration of Agences . Registration of movements on correspondant accounts . View of states . A 2-tier client-server application (procedures and data) Use Case Identification to the System . Use Case Create a user . Use Case Delete a User . [...]

[...] The connection to the database is realised with the aid of the Microsoft ODBC for Oracle. We equally used SQL to send requests to the database Results Below are some of the major interfaces of the various functionalities developped in the TRESOR2009 projet that has been realised. CHAPTER 3. REALIZATION 40 This is the first interface that connects us to the application. It provides fields for login and password, and equally a link to another interface for users who have forgotten their passwords. [...]

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Design and realization of a platform for the management of cash flow of the treasury: case of the CBC bank

«Internship report on the CBC bank about design and realization of a platform for the management of cash flow of the treasury. The application program interface is realized thanks to the platform Visual C#.net....»

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