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The politically correct movement (PC) is an American intellectual movement which aims at setting up a new ethic and especially by banishing some discriminatory words. It affects both the language and mentality. It develops itself in different fields of American society: education, media religion and culture. Conceived as a means of resolving the major issues of racial and sexual discrimination, it coincided with the defeat in Vietnam and acquired a big popularity in Hollywood, universities and big cities of the west coast. The politically correct movement seems to be a whole way of thinking or behaving which respects taboos and prejudices of important pressure groups: feminists, racial groups, and homosexuals. First of all, we will study its origins and theoretical basis. Then, its different applications. After that, we will learn more about James Finn Garner and one of his bedtime stories, Pinocchio. Eventually, we will end with a political correct lexis and a conclusion followed by cartoons.


[...] Just as Geppetto's head hit his ergonomically designed pillow, a quivering blue light appeared in his workshop and fluttered around in the air. Then, from that mystical light emerged a young woman dressed in a flowing azure gown that glittered like an unpolluted sea at midday. Flicking the delicate wings on her back, she glided over to the workbench where the puppet sat and touched him with the powerful totem stick she carried. In an instant, the puppet shifted and moved and blinked his eyes in wonder at everything around him ! " Where am I ? [...]

[...] Garner's most recent book is Apocalypse Wow ! : A Memoir for the End of Time. Garner is a contributing editor with Chicago Magazine. His fiction and satire have also appeared in Playboy, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TV Guide, The Chicago Tribune Magazine, and other publications. He also contributed to the award-winning essay collection, Home : American Writers Remember Rooms of Their Own. His commentaries have been broadcast on National Public Radio. Garner has also addressed college lecture series, business functions, writer's conferences, charity events and awards dinners from coast to coast A bedtime story by James Finn Garner The story of Pinocchio Chapter in which the hero of our story stands up to exclusionary pressures. [...]

[...] If you don't mind, I'd rather not be pigeonholed by someone else's conception of what a fairy should and should not be." "Gosh, I'm really sorry," he said, properly contrite. What a world of accelerated unusualness he found himself in ! The supernatural woman's demeanour softened a bit. "This is a very lucky day for you, Pinocchio." "Hold on a minute," he said. "Why do you call me that "Well," she said, "that is your name." "But no one consulted he protested. "It doesn't seem fair. Don't I and I alone reserve the right to name myself "Of course you agreed the magical visitor. [...]

[...] Americans killed in the war were very numerous. American people lived with difficulty through this situation. They thought that their government waged war on a country which didn’t have the means to protect themselves. Moreover, the United States felt guilty about inflicting suffering on “Native Americans“ and on African-Americans in the nineteenth and in the beginning of the twentieth century. The politically correct movement will allow the United States to try to win forgiveness by imposing the “Affirmation Action“ in all spheres of the American society : universities and public services so that women and minorities can have access to jobs. [...]

[...] The most consequent and most politically correct fringe of the society included well it and thus demonstrated against the war. But it is a minority ! [...]

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