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English report on Business statistics dealing with the study of Sweden and United Kingdom. By using the Eurostats Website, the exercice consists in gathering statistics and information and developping issues concerning these countries.


[...] The statistics can afraid us but we are going to show that we can use it to explain a fact and to prove a hypothesis we think about. The countries we have chosen are: - Sweden - United Kingdom Table of Contents Executive Summary P.2 Table of Contents P.3 Introduction P.4 Data PP 6 Mean P Median P Mode P Histograms, Bar charts and Scatter plots PP 13 Standard Deviation P Analysis of Variance P Conclusion and Recommendations P Introduction We are going to study two countries: Sweden and United Kingdom. [...]

[...] Thanks to several statistic tools, we could demonstrate that there are a lot of disparities between them, because Sweden is much more involved in the ecological behavior than United Kingdom. We also could demonstrate, principally for the Standard Deviation that the analysis of the results can be very subjective because high differences between two figures do not mean the same thing depending on the context of the situation. Statistics tell stories, and allow us to prove today that we can analyze the behavior of a whole country thanks to some figures. [...]

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