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Analysis of the exclusive distributor of Disney's product, Disney Store, presenting the company and an internal and external diagnosis.


[...] The Disney Store takes advantage of this fame. Disney is an important symbol of the United States: Disney is a brand which is one of the most important symbols of the US. Yet the US, despite criticism, stays for a part of the population a dream. The brake at the purchase decreases because people who are in a Disney store are for the most of them amazed, this is amplified by the symbolism of the United States. The location and the organisation of the store provoke several impulse purchases: The stores on les Champs Elysées and in the Disney Village are located in very crowded places frequented by tourists, especially foreigners. [...]

[...] You must have knowledge in English to be able to follow the steps and to achieve the order. Welcome Page Find the nearest store Registration Page of the link Buy on-line The 1st April 2009 Disney Store has launched a new Website for the France. It’s just the graphics which has changed. With this new website you have the same possibilities. Sources http://disneystore-shopping.disney.co.uk/fr/ http://disneystore-shopping.disney.co.uk/ www.disney.fr www.disney.go.com Wikipédia Visit of 2 “Disney Store”: Champs Elysées and Disney Village Interview with a manager of the Disney Store in Champs Elysées. She doesn’t want communicate her name. [...]

[...] The website is very complete. The sold products are classified by movie, by sex, by age, by kind of product. So it is possible to find again the same product by different ways. Moreover, an exclusive range is only sold on-line (mobile phone, bedclothes, accessories ).Finally on the English website it is possible to add a personal touch on some products. Welcome page Customized products Exclusive range Weaknesses The Disney stores are not well picked up on the French territory: Since the recent closure of stores in France, all the West part of France is not cover by stores. [...]

[...] No tiredness is allowed feel at the French people. All the customers are happy to go to make a tour in the store where reigns a magic atmosphere which pleases the children. It is a new opportunity to cross a good moment to share in family. According to a point of view of products in themselves, Disney store possesses no appropriate competitor: From a specific point of view, products proposed by stores Disney are bits of fluff and toys of the characters Disney. [...]

[...] To buy products in these stores you have to know and appreciate the Disney’s universe: Buying a product in a Disney Store, it is buying a Disney product. The potential customers of the Disney Stores are those who appreciate the Disney Universe. The potential customers, even if it is important, don’t represent the whole population. The success of several products depends totally of the quality and of the success of the movie: The new Disney products are present as soon as the movie releases, but to make sure that the sales of the by-products become a success, the movie must be successful. [...]

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