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Report dealing with the limits of the star system: how does the star system influence our behaviour?


[...] To combat numerous stressed and difficult challenges that they have to face in school or even in the entire community, teens find refuge in following what their teen idols are doing in real life. Since, these teen stars are role models to kids, and even their not-so good attitude or personality are being followed. Kids are sometimes naive of the things around them. for one, don't exactly know what things to follow. Even if it's just a role or a TV show, sometimes I tend to follow the trends. It is good if what's being portrayed in the movies or shows are pleasant and acceptable. [...]

[...] For another, they walk an extremely thin line: They look close to being dangerously underweight. Actress Elisa Donovan, who plays fashion victim Amber in the TV series Clueless, crossed over the line in 1992 to battle anorexia, an eating disorder marked by an intense fear of gaining weight or getting fat (see "The Skinny on Eating Disorders," p. 13). "At first, I'd eat no fat," Elisa says. "Then, I'd just eat breakfast--cereal and toast--and not eat again until night." Within a couple of years, the 5-ft, 6-in. [...]

[...] In a second part, we will interest ourselves about stars’ controversial behaviour and their impact. Part First, what is a celebrity? A celebrity (or a celeb) is a person famously recognized in a society (Mickael Jackson, Madonna ).A celebrity is also a person who gets media attention all the time. They can get media attention by their careers, their talents, or often by their reputations (positive or negative). In the last few years, we have been very attentive to the celebrities’ talent whereas in today’s society, we are more and more passionate about celebrities’ lives and not their talent. [...]

[...] They can also have a depression period because of the change in their bodies and in their minds. That’s why; adolescence is a very difficult period in everybody’s lives. Who can influence teenagers? The family has a role to play: they educate their children. But the family is less important at the age of adolescence: teenagers don’t want to have their family on their back. Famous people have an important impact: They are a role model for these young people who are a little lost. [...]

[...] So we think, celebrities have, in general, a very negative impact in the young people. The phenomenon of identification can have very dramatic end : some people die for their idol or die because of a negative celebritie influence. When Marylin Monroe killed herself the suicide rate went up by 12 appendix A). Conclusion: Firstly, we have shown that today the star system is based on superficial behaviour and celebrities’ misbehaviour. We have indicated the relation between celebrities’ attitudes and teenagers’ behaviour. [...]

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