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English presentation about the Blues and the Frankfurt School of thought.


[...] Blues characteristics lead us to the conclusion that Frankfurt School's thought can perfectly be applied to it, nevertheless a deep and long listening of that genre show us that a real diversity exist, that the apparent standardization is not total, and that innovation still continued, and hopefully will remain. Dialectic of enlightenment, Horkheimer Max, Adorno Theodor W., Herder and Herder 1972 Production of Culture/Cultures of Production.du Gay, Paul (ed.). New York 2008 Introduction to the Sociology of Music. Trans. E.B. Ashton. [...]

[...] Those characteristics will be the same in Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues. Even if different styles exist, Adorno and Horkheimer argue that culture industry assembled products referred to as “original”, but in reality they show superficial differences: Many divisions, and appellations are created by the industry in order to hide how standardize and homogeneous the musical art became. The consequences of that in the society are that it leads to a very specific type of consumption that is passive, obedient and easily manipulated for the purpose of propaganda or advertising. [...]

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