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English presentation about the Blues and the Frankfurt School of thought.


[...] How Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer argue about those crucial issues? First and foremost it would be interesting to present succinctly Adorno and Horkheimer's analysis in one of their fundamental work Dialectic of Enlightenment[1], then we will apply their thought to the Blues, and finally we will have a critique analysis of that thought. The idea of “cultural industry” was first widely used as a concept by Adorno and Horkheimer in Dialectic of Enlightenment[2]. As for them, the “instrumental rationality” which had become dominant within European thought since the Enlightenment is the historical origin of the cultural industry. [...]

[...] In fact, Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Funk, or Pop have all been deeply influenced by the Blues characteristics. Thus in order to analyze the Xxth century popular music, a study of the Blues can be interesting. To analyze the Blues, I have chosen to inspire my work with the sociological Frankfurt School's thought, and the concept of “cultural industry”. What makes the Blues popular? Does it characteristics make it a part of the “cultural industry”? Can we find a standardization in the creative process of Blues musicians? [...]

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