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Marketing study on the advertising strategies of The Coca-Cola Company in France and the UK.


[...] ( Consumer benefits and opinions: The omnipresence of the colors in this advertisement refers to the idea of collective and personal happiness. The multiplicity of characters that combine to produce a bottle of Coca-Cola returns to the idea of collective happiness. Each energy refreshing Coca- Cola revitalize physically and mentally, inciting people to take the bright side of life. The freshness and the excitement seem to be both rational arguments which are based on the consumer benefit. The final consumer who returns after having recovered the bottle shows the change in strategy in the communication Coca-cola. [...]

[...] Total advertising expenditure by media sector in in France: 3. Differentiates a company’s products from those of their competitors. Coca Cola is a global leader in the beverage industry, the company offers hundreds of brands, including soft drinks, fruit juices and sports drinks. The main competitor of Coca Cola is Pepsi, the both company have almost exactly the same range of drink and the same packaging. However there are a lot of substitution product such as Fanta, Orangina and same the water. [...]

[...] - The campaign focuses around the bottle of Coca-Cola combining the dynamism of the brand and the history of the product. The emblem of the historic mark becomes the vehicle and engine of a dynamic brand and message of optimism. - The universality of the mark is shown fully in the implementation of this international campaign. The slogan and the spirit of this campaign was reflected in all countries so as to emphasize the closeness desired by the brand with consumers and target audience (young). [...]

[...] Such a position is not directed particularly at a young audience. The positioning of this campaign is directly aimed at the reconquest of the young audience. The competitors of Coca-Cola are quite difficult to define as many brands of soft drinks owned by The Coca-Cola Company as Sprite (whose campaign focuses more on the cool side) or Fanta. The positioning of Coca-Cola is nevertheless completely different from that of its direct and indirect competition, outside the group or in group Coca-Cola When Coca Cola want to create an advertising campaign they contact advertising agencies. [...]

[...] Moreover, the taste of Coca Cola is adapted to the local preferences: basically, it is more or less sweet. For example, Diet Coke in France has a sweeter taste than in the United States. In term of advertising Coca Cola is one of the best company in the world because they always are the innovators. [...]

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