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Synthesis of three articles from the English press on the DIY market.


[...] The do-it-yourself and hardware retail sector was not spared by the recession. But, because of the nature of this industry, some of its sub-sectors are still performing relatively well, with homeowners tending to repair and upgrade their houses instead of buying during slower economic times. The question for existing and prospective entrepreneurs is whether there is an opportunity to make money in the sector. The answer is not clear cut: the short-term expectations are not great and everyone is waiting for the upswing to gain momentum. [...]

[...] With these savings, the group Kingfisher expects their 2010 results to be similar to the results achieved in 2009. In recent years, the DIY market has undergone profound changes in customers (document 3). Just like the Kingfisher group, many entrepreneurs are septic on the future of DIY (document 2). The DIY market has found a new clientele. In fact, DIY is no longer reserved for men. In recent years, women tinker more. The DIY stores have observed this trend. They have adapted their products to this new clientele because women consume differently. [...]

[...] These days it is much more complicated and you need a decent back-office system. You also need to understand that product knowledge and service are the differentiating factors. "If you are willing to play the game, there are opportunities available." DOCUMENT 3 DIY: the women doing it for themselves. Tired of power struggles over DIY, women are doing it for themselves. But is sharing the chores the path to relationship bliss? From The Times January By Anna Shepard When Sian Berry needs her dishwasher fixing or a plug rewiring, she doesn’t have to rely on someone else. [...]

[...] The crisis hasn’t spared the DIY stores. However, their results are encouraging. They try by every means to increase their income. They save on energy costs and purchases with the help of distributors. They operate a new customer segment with women and are now turning to rural and peri-urban areas. Entrepreneurs believe that the DIY market hasn’t yet said its last word. We will see if they were right in the years to come. Ce dossier a été présenté pour une soutenance orale accompagné d’un diaporama. [...]

[...] We have seen that the DIY market is changing. Consumers are changing and products as well. I finished my presentation. Thank you for your attention. Do you have any questions? [...]

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Do it yourself (DIY): Analysis and commentary on 3 newspaper articles

«Synthesis of three articles from the English press on the DIY market....»

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